Skip the shirt and tie for these 5 great travel gifts for Father's Day

Skip the shirt and tie for these 5 great travel gifts for Father's Day
This GoPro video model allows you to shoot action pictures of your dad's skydive. (GoPro)

Whether your pop is a hyperactive shutterbug or just needs to relax and recharge on trips, here are four gadgets and a chill chair to help celebrate him on Father's Day.

GoPro Hero4

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Dad can wear GoPro Hero4 Silver or attach it to almost anything from bicycles to airplane consoles. (GoPro)

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition can transform Dad or your dog into an action hero. This video camera’s built-in touch screen is an improvement over previous models. This model has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a low-light setting. Stills range from 5 to 12 megapixel, and you, um, we mean he can shoot narrow to ultra-wide video from 720 to 4,000 pixels. Hero4 weighs 2.9 ounces and comes with a case that is waterproof to 131 feet.

Info: GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition costs $399.99

Everio camcorder

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JVC GZ-R10A Quad Proof Everio Full HD Camcorder takes Dad where the action is regardless of weather (JVC)

If Dad’s a little tough on things, here’s the the rough 'n' tough Everio camcorder. Everio is cold-proof (14 degrees Fahrenheit), shockproof (to 4.9 feet), dustproof and waterproof (to 16.4 feet) and can go where most smartphones dare not go. It even floats. The camcorder features a Konica Minolta lens and offers advanced image stabilization. Its touchscreen can rotate, making it easy to operate at any angle. It shoots Ultra HD (1920 x1080 pixels) video at 24 mbps and can also capture digital stills as large as 10 MP. Its 40x optical zoom and 60x dynamic zoom make it ideal for capturing sports or distant wildlife.

Info: JVC GZ-R10A Quad Proof Everio Full HD Camcorder costs $399

Braven battery charger

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Braven BRV-Bank resists dust and grit so Dad can recharge himself and his devices on the sand (Braven)

If Dad’s battery tends to get a little run down, consider the Braven BRV-Bank. This 6000 mAh charger has a shockproof rubber exterior case that makes it ideal for outdoors and two 5-volt ports with one 2.4A port for faster. It also has a small a small 100-lumen USB-bulb that plugs in to turn the battery into a flashlight. Using its Bluetooth function, you can monitor where you are in the charging process

Info: Braven BRV Bank costs $99.99

Prong self-charging iPhone case

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Prong PWR case for iPhone 6 (also available for 5 or 5s - but not 6 Plus) comes in various colors. (Prong)

Here’s a case for the iPhone 5 or 5S or 6 that’s more than just another pretty face. The Prong PWR Case has a detachable 1500 mAh battery, an LED power indicator and integrated folding prongs to charge directly from a wall outlet. When it’s not plugged it, it’s charging your device. It comes in various colors too. (Note that if Dad has a iPhone6, you’ll have to give him an IOU; it doesn’t start shipping till the end of June but can be preordered now. The 6Plus is not offered at this time.)

Info: The Prong PWR Case costs $99.99.

REI Flex Lite Chair

REI Flex Chair Lite, available in several colors, fits easily in a backpack and assembles quickly.(REI)

Finally, all this charging around has surely left Dad exhausted. That’s where the REI Flex Lite Chair comes it. It’s so lightweight that he can Dad can slide out of a backpack and quickly assemble so he can relax while the kids assemble the tent. Its four aluminum legs and fabric seat offer more stability and comfort than the average camp chair.

Info: REI Flex Lite Chair costs $72.50

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