Can teenagers change the world? On these overseas workshops, maybe

Can teenagers change the world? On these overseas workshops, maybe
Teens on an Atlas Workshop in Munnar, a hillside town near Kerala, India. (Adam White / Atlas Workshops)

What's the big idea? For some high school students this summer, it might be examining how Copenhagen redefines urban life or how India delivers low-cost healthcare to a booming population. Atlas Workshops in Cambridge, Mass., takes kids overseas to experience how other countries approach social, cultural and political change.

"Our programs are structured to develop real-world skills, promote intercultural confidence, inspire big ideas and open the doors to new cultures and communities," program director Jenny Bordo said in a statement.



started in 2012 by designing trips that go beyond traditional tourism. It offers six workshops in 2014 that examine different themes in different countries: entrepreneurs in

, European Union expansion in

, political awakening in

, technology and innovation in

, healthcare in

and urban sustainability in


Each trip features two to three group leaders and 10 to 15 students. The 15- to 20-day trips allow students time to develop ideas and projects related to the country's issue they explore.

When: Trips depart June 24 to Aug. 15, depending on the destination selected.

Price: $4,000 to $5,000 per person, excluding airfare. It includes travel and research expenses, travel insurance, leaders, workshop content, accommodations and meals.

Info: Atlas Workshops, (617) 475-0141, or e-mail

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