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Here's proof that Icarus Airlines' passengers are self-entitled slobs

If you think the passengers in this video are annoying, you're right. They're supposed to be bad role models.

Is it something in the recirculated air? Because airline passengers sometimes behave so badly you just want to…make fun of them. And now, someone has.

George Hobica, the founder of Airfarewatchdog, which provides low-airfare alerts as well as air travel advice, scripted a video after witnessing a variety of bizarre and downright bad behaviors among his fellow passengers.

“I just thought it would be fun to maybe make people a little bit more aware of their behavior,” Hobica said.

“How many times have you been on a plane when someone’s been polishing their nails, making you sick? I’ve even seen people clipping their toenails.”

The animated video doesn’t address toenail clipping, but it does urge fliers to be more considerate: Don’t stuff the overhead bins, don’t let your kids kick the seat-back, don’t let your pets out of their carriers. And more. Much, much more.

The etiquette lessons in the video are brought to life by Malaysian animator Kazimir Iskander. It’s done in the style of an airline safety announcement and features the fictional Icarus Airlines.

In case you were absent that day, Icarus was the character in Greek mythology whose wings made of feathers and wax melted as he flew too close to the sun, sending him crashing into the sea.

Hobica isn’t the first to address bad passenger behavior. Passenger Shaming, purportedly founded by a flight attendant, calls out, with videos, photos and words, boorish behavior.

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