On the cusp of change, is Cuba ready for you? Are you ready for Cuba?

Alice Short, assistant managing editor for the Los Angeles Times and first-time visitor to Cuba, and travel writer Catherine Watson, just back from her fifth visit, compare their experiences.

Should you go to Cuba now that restrictions on travel have eased?

Alice Short, assistant managing editor for the Los Angeles Times, recently returned from her first visit to Cuba.

Catherine Watson, a veteran travel writer, just returned from her fifth visit.

The two compared notes on a nation that's been at the center of turmoil and a source of controversy since long before Fidel Castro overthrew the government on New Year's Day 1959.


Short was drawn to Cuba partly because it was a bit of a forbidden fruit. "I marveled at my even being there," she says of her 5 1/2-day visit.

Watson was drawn back to Cuba partly out of curiosity about what had changed. "It wasn't different enough yet," she said.

The video gives a preview of their articles in the Sunday Travel section of The Times, which will also include visuals by staff photographer Brian van der Brug. The package also will be available online starting Saturday.

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