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And now, eight great American unhaunted hotels

Across America, tourists and armchair adventurers thrill to the idea of haunted hotels. Yet it turns out there are none. Despite all those websites, brochures, midnight tours and grainy, night-vision reality TV shows, we are stuck with no proof that ghosts exist at all. Which is a shame, because this country is full of ghost-worthy hotels, including these eight. In recognition of this fact, here's a gallery of photos from purportedly haunted lodgings I've inspected or slept in in the last few years from California to New York. In all those visits, I had no mysterious ill effects, heard no otherworldly noises, sensed no specters, and found no ectoplasmic traces (a great relief for maids, I'm sure). Really, there is nothing special about these places at all -- except that they all have long histories, many have intriguing architecture and some have great views. Christopher Reynolds
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