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Gear: This garment bag fits neatly in your carry-on

This garment bag complements a carry-on, fighting wrinkles but folding down enough to fit in your roll-aboard.

The new Trifold Garment Sleeve from Lite Gear adds some oomph to the usual hanging clothes bag.

The bag not only secures and zips in suits, dresses or other hangables to keep them wrinkle-free but also supplies three spacious—two of them see-through mesh—compartments for organizing shoes, undergarments or other essentials, then tri-folds down into rectangle the right size to fit in a wheel-aboard bag.

The Trifold has two snap buckles for secure closure as well as a built-in carry handle.

Open, the black polyester bag measures 37 by 19 1/2 inches. It weighs barely one pound.

Info: Lite Gear Trifold Garment Sleeve costs about $40.

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