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Gear: Keep a song in your heart and this guitar in your bag

The 16-inch JamStick guitar weighs just 3 pounds so you can take it easily on the road with you.

Travel with a song in your heart, and you can be accompanied by a guitar (sort of) in your hands — and learn to play it.

All you need is an iPad, iPhone or Mac (sorry, Android) and the new Zivix Jamstik, a 16-inch-long, 3-pound guitar with steel strings and frets. The guitar (which looks more like a guitar neck), is powered by an included rechargeable battery and connects wirelessly to your device by way of a proprietary interface with Jamstik Connect, the free app.

A free music app, jamTutor. becomes your mobile teacher, and an online Jamstik-playing human takes you through the basics of plucking single notes, strumming chords, demonstrating proper hand placement and picking techniques.

The bottom of the screen displays an interactive replica of your Jamstik that guides and grades your progress, thanks to sensors on the Jamstik. Wrong note, sloppy finger placement — it's all pinpointed on the screen.

You can use headphones, which means you won’t disturb your travel mates.

The Jamstik comes with an adjustable, detachable neck strap, a micro USB charging cable, and two guitar picks. A model with Bluetooth connectivity is due out later this year.

Zivix Jamstik Digital Guitar costs $280.

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