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Gear: This leash keeps your hands free and your dog in line

This leash system keeps your hands free and helps you keep your dog under control

Even the best-behaved dog can be a handful on unfamiliar turf, just when you need both hands for other things than a leash -- a trail map, a bottle of water.

The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System consists of an adjustable waist belt with quick-release buckles and an adjustable leash with a belt loop at one end (for the owner) and a lobster claw swivel hook collar attachment at the other (for the dog).

If your dog's a yanker, add the optional Lunge Buster, an elasticized scrunchy-like extension that buckles between the leash and the collar attachment via its own quick-release buckles, though a big powerful dog determined to wander could certainly yank you along with it, Lunge Buster notwithstanding.

But that scenario requires canine management gear beyond the Buddy System's mission.

The system for dogs 20 pounds or more comes with a waist belt in black, purple, red, royal blue or black with reflective piping; leash comes in matching colors. (There’s also a version for dogs less than 20 pounds.)

Info: Buddy System Hands Free Leash System costs $26 in regular, large and extra-large.

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