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Gear: Wheelchair wheels are detachable and foldable

Even travel-friendly wheelchairs can hog space in transit, especially if you need large rear wheels for handling varied terrain. That’s because, while travel wheelchairs fold, their wheels do not.

Enter Morph Wheels, 24-inch detachable foldable wheelchair wheels that can be switched out with the regular wheels of any manual wheelchair that accommodates wheels with a quick-release axle.

When detached, Morph Wheels fold down to 32-by-13-by-4 inches deep, about half their open size, and can fit into the trunks of compact cars and taxis (along with other luggage), as well as the overhead storage bins of most airliners, avoiding potential damage or loss.

These wheels are pricey at $950 a pair but may earn their keep as mobility aides.

Info: Morph Wheels

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