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In Honolulu, new eateries offer dishes as diverse as pancakes, octopus

Two new restaurants in Honolulu, two diverse menus, from frosted-flake pancakes to octopus on a bun.

Two new Honolulu restaurants hope to lure visitors with unusual menus and prices lower than those usually found at Waikiki hotels.

Guests can start their days with Frosted Flakes pancakes ($10) at Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop  in Chinatown. “Brekky,” as they call it, is served 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes shakshuka ($14), a Middle Eastern dish of eggs baked with Italian sausage, feta cheese and stewed tomatoes.

The menu changes to reflect seasonal produce. The lunch menu currently includes curried butternut squash soup ($7) and an autumn salad ($10) containing arugula, poached pears and crumbled gorgonzola.

Info: Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop, 1030 Smith St., (808) 536-1669, is closed Mondays.

About three miles east of Waikiki, guests will find traditional Asian and Hawaiian influences in the dishes served at Kaimuki Superette. With  tables and a lunch counter with stools, the place has a mid-20th century feel to it.

The menu features sandwiches such as sprouted lentil terrine with cucumber, mint and feta yogurt on focaccia bread ($8.50) and the South Shore he'e roll, a blend of octopus, celery seed and tarragon on a buttered bun ($12.50).

Info: Kaimuki Superette, 3458 Waialae Ave., (808) 734-7800. Closed Sundays.         

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