Report: World's priciest stays are in New York City, St. Moritz, Macau

Report: World's priciest stays are in New York City, St. Moritz, Macau
View of the Swiss resort St. Moritz and its lake, as seen from Muottas da Schlarigna, Grisons. (Murdockcrc / Wikimedia Commons)

If you've ever paid less than $246 a night for a hotel room in New York City, consider yourself lucky. That's the average price for any type of lodging in the Big Apple — and the most expensive average room rate in the world.

Mountain resort town St. Moritz, Switzerland, with an average $183 for a room, and casino-filled Macao, China, with an average $168 for a room, follow the Big Apple.


The prices for a night's stay may not seem super-high, but they reflect an average of all types of lodgings in a city, including airbnb listings,  five-star hotels and hostels.

Travel search website GoEuro compiled average room costs for 150 cities around the world in its Accommodation Price Index. Other cities on the expensive side are:

4. Miami, average $167 for a room;
5. Nassau, Bahamas, average $150 for a room;
6. Boston, average $147 for a room;
7. Venice, Italy, average $146 for a room;
8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, average $142 for a room;
9. San Francisco, average $141 for a room; and
10. Monte Carlo, average $134 for a room.

And what if you're looking for cheap lodgings? The least expensive city for a night's stay is Tirana, Albania, followed by Hammamet, Tunisia; Sofia, Bulgaria; Cairo, Egypt; and Antalya, Turkey.

Check out the Accommodation Price Index to see the rest of the cities on the list and a breakdown of room prices by category.