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You saved up, you're ready to go, you like Europe. We know lots about you, summer traveler

Summer officially arrived Sunday, and if you haven't started your vacation planning, it's time to kick it into high gear before those lazy, hazy, crazy days slip away.

If you're short of ideas, go to our Summer Vacation Guide, which offers dozens of new places and events to go.

You'll have plenty of company on your away-from-home time.

Eighty-five percent of American adults – that’s 198 million people – are planning time away from home and work this summer. That's up 13% from last year, according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, which conducted the research.

Research was conducted online with 1,502 random adults April 28-May 1. It's an affluent group whose minimum household income is $100,000. The margin of error is +/- 2.5%.

Of those respondents, most of those planning travel – 68% – expect to be gone at least a week. A lucky 36% say they'll spend at least two weeks.

And that upcoming Fourth of July holiday? More than half the respondents said they were going to travel on that holiday so they can take an extra day without using vacation time.

Where are you going?

alt text

(American Express Spending & Saving Tracker)

As the chart above shows, the U.S. is the hands-down favorite -- and more people than in 2014 say that the red, white and blue is their destination. But almost a fifth of respondents have the kind of wanderlust that will take them abroad, and a lucky group says they will travel both at home and abroad. Sign us up for that group.

What foreign destinations tickle your fancy?

alt text

(American Express Spending & Saving Tracker)

Those going abroad show a strong inclination for Europe, buoyed by the strong showing the dollar is making against the euro. Asia is flexing its muscles too, as is South America. And despite the distance, Australia is a hot spot for those who want a Down Under trip.

You looked at how many websites?

This is interesting.

An increasing number of travelers – 16% – plan to use a travel agent. That’s double the number four years ago and up from 11% last year. But 61% still turn to online.

Here's the real stunner: Millennials are most likely to scour the Web, and at least three weeks before their vacations. More than a third of them will visit at least seven sites. Gen X is at 23% and baby boomers are 18%.

alt text

(American Express Spending & Saving Trackers)

If you’ve set aside money for your summer getaway, you’re in the majority (81%). That may explain why the number of people choosing to drive instead of fly is down this year. Thirty-six percent say they’ll drive – to save money – this year, compared with 44% in 2014.

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