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You'll love Trunkster's smart luggage, but you can't buy it -- yet

Kickstarter backers flock to Trunkster's smart luggage, with no zippers and an electronic charging unit

Trunkster is the luggage you've always dreamed of, which is why it's the first Kickstarter project of 2015 to hit $1 million (and counting). The funding window still has a week to go.

Here's what Trunkster is pitching: a smart bag with a built-in mobile device charger, built-in digital scale and no zippers. The front rolls up and down (kind of like a rolltop desk) for easy access.

It also can be GPS enabled for an extra $40 so you'll be able to find your bag even when the airline can't. 

And it looks great, too, a sleek black wheelie that comes in carry-on or check-in sizes. It's made of lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate with a black matte finish and spinner wheels, according to the crowd-funding website's description.

I love the weighing and charging options (the latter comes on only the carry-on version) and GPS tracking looks smart. I haven't actually touched one, just looked at the video above. But I have to remember it doesn't exist yet.

Trunkster backers at the $205 level are promised one of the carry-on bags once they are manufactured. It was estimated at a $500 value, and that price point sold out.

Info: Trunkster's Kickstarter page



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