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Letters: Protecting the Channel Islands

Protecting the Channel Islands

I share your passion for the Channel Islands ("Offshore Eden," June 22). I am fortunate to have a boat in Channel Islands Harbor, so I often visit the northern islands, perhaps the most "Galápagos-like" of the bunch.

California Secretary for Resources Michael Chrisman and I are working on some ideas to help the Catalina Island Conservancy with the challenges they face with a significant amount of public visitors and continued threats to native plants on the island.

There also will be significant changes in the marine-protected areas as we evaluate the entire coastline south of Point Conception to the Mexican border.

--Richard Rogers, President,
California Fish and Game Commission
Santa Barbara

I visited Santa Barbara Island recently, my third island hop after Anacapa and Santa Cruz.

The landing on Santa Barbara Island has changed since your visit in April; the ladder is functional. One of our party got stuck on the ladder coming down when the skiff had to leave in a hurry to avoid oncoming waves.

Also, I wouldn't say that hiking was a breeze; it can be on some trails but not on all. Even the walk up the half-mile trail to the visitor center was challenging for some of us.

I'm now debating whether I want to go to San Miguel in July.

--David McFadden, Los Angeles

Dining deluge

I would like to add to Aida Resurreccion's complaint about her Norwegian Cruise Line's Alaskan cruise ("On Sail," On the Spot, June 22).

The problem with the dining schedule is its touted freestyle cruising.

The idea is that you can eat whenever you wish with whomever you wish. The problem is that at 6 p.m., hundreds of people show up at the dining room wanting to eat and get to an 8 p.m. show. The options are to be on a wait list or to go to a pay restaurant, which already is closed to reservations. So a lot of people get a pizza and then go to the show. I, for one, will not take NCL as a cruise line.

--Larry Valdez, Placentia

Daily Travel & Deal Blog

Staff writer Chris Erskine, on assignment in Alaska, blogged a letter to Santa about reindeer appearing on local menus ( Here are comments we received:

I'm just back from Alaska and noticed that what they're selling as reindeer sausage is made up mostly of beef.

--Richard Miller

We're planning a trip to Alaska in July. Is there anything else to eat besides reindeer and salmon?

--Laura Ridnor

Yes, some of us eat moose, salmon, caribou, bear. . . . We also eat beef, chicken and pork! Who knew! You can even find tofu. Now that's gross. . . .

--Gretchen in Alaska

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