Piers of California

California's piers: Enjoy their primal allure

These romantic shoreline structures scattered up and down the state, some dating well into the 19th century, have sights and sounds all their own.

The best piers in California

Top spots at water's edge from San Diego County to Humboldt County.

Los Angeles County piers

Orange County piers

Piers of Santa Barbara County

Stearns Wharf, Goleta Pier and Gaviota Pier are among the sun-and-sea-splashed sites in Santa Barbara County.

Humboldt County piers

Humboldt County piers: Del Norte Street Fishing Pier is rough and tumble, Trinidad Pier is undergoing extensive renovations.

Alameda County piers

The piers of Alameda County: Watch the birds at Dumbarton; check out the Port View/7th Street Pier's interesting shape; and go for a long walk at Berkeley.

Sonoma County pier: Spud Point Marina Pier takes narrow view

Spud Point Marina Pier in Sonoma County is said to be the narrowest pier in California.