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Susan Spano's postcards from Paris

  • September 9

    The man at my newspaper stand asked me what I thought about the situation in New Orleans and U.S. government response to the tragedy. What could I say? From here it looked incredibly sad and, I'm sorry to say, shameful. Somehow, the shame is harder to handle here, because the French are by nature...

  • January 27

    After almost a year in Paris, my French has stalled, I fear. I'm not much better than when I got here, partly because I work in English.

  • July 5

    As the Olympic Committee convenes in Singapore to make a decision about the site for the 2012 games, Paris is trying not to act desperate, but it's on the edge of its settee. With already available event sites, such as the Stade de France north of the city, Paris has long been considered a front-runner,...

  • January 10

    Part of the charm of Paris is its central location, making quick trips to other Western European capitals -- London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin -- easy, especially since the advent of budget airlines and high-speed trains such as Eurostar. Last week, for instance, I went to London for a day to...

  • July 25

    July 25

    David and Kristine Daly from Sacramento decided at the last minute to come to Paris for the finish of the Tour de France on Sunday. I met them at a cafe just before the cyclists completed the 21st stage of the tour, riding up the Champs Élysées in a misty rain with flags flying and crowds cheering.

  • August 18

    Recently I was struck by the unfathomable names of many Paris streets. We all know the inspirations for the Place Charles de Gaulle and the Rue Bonaparte. But even a French friend of mine who has lived in Paris for 30 years couldn't tell me why a short street in the 7th arrondissement, near the...

  • July 7

    Life goes on in Paris after that announcement that London had won the 2012 Olympic Games.

  • January 3

    Postcard readers have asked me for specific information about the City of Light. Here's where to start:

  • January 17

    Oanh Ly from Marina del Rey is heading for Paris with her boyfriend and parents. She wants to know where her dad can get good Vietnamese pho noodles.

  • December 13

    Apart from the friendly, helpful messages I receive from Postcard readers (which I wrote about last time), I get corrections and negative responses. When I misspell something, people point it out. I should be perfect, but I'm not, especially in these Postcards, which are meant to be casual and...