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What airline loves LGBT Pride Month more than any other?

Just in time for LGBT pride festivals around the country: Delta Air Lines offers first-class discounts

If you're going to LGBT pride festivals in Salt Lake City, Seattle and elsewhere in June, Delta Air Lines is offering discount prices on first-class tickets to get you there.

The airline, which supports same-sex marriage and equal benefits for LGBT workers, has teamed up to support pride festivals in Salt Lake City, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Minneapolis and Toronto, it announced last week.

Here's how it works: If you fly from L.A. to Salt Lake City for the 2015 Utah Pride Festival from June 4 to 7, you can book a first-class airfare starting at $280 round-trip. That's just $14 more than the fare to fly economy.

The first-class discount is good for flights June 2 to 9, but you must reserve by Saturday, May 23.

If you fly from L.A. to Seattle for PrideFest on June 28, you can buy a first-class ticket starting at $408. You may travel between June 25 and 30, but you must reserve by June 6.

There also are discounts for travelers coming from Portland, Ore.; Las Vegas; San Francisco and other cities to Los Angeles for the LA Pride festival June 12-14. But you won't find a discount on first-class airfares in this promotion for flights from L.A. to New York City for its festival. (It's limited to mostly East Coast cities.)

In making the announcement, Delta underscored its commitment to promoting a "culture of inclusion" among its 80,000 workers worldwide. The airline also says it has been a longtime supporter of pride festivals and recently joined the U.S. Supreme Court Case to support same-sex marriage.

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