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Pizza party on stranded Delta flight: Hey, can't a guy get a slice?

One passenger's account of a pizza party on a Delta flight temporarily stuck in Tennessee due to bad weather.

When your plane is stuck on the tarmac, just throw a pizza party. That happened earlier this week on a few Delta Air Line flights bound for Atlanta that were diverted because of heavy rain.

L.A. native Samir Chaudry and his buddy Colin were on Delta flight 1561 on Tuesday that was supposed to fly from Philadelphia to Atlanta and connect to Los Angeles. Instead, they found themselves stranded on a runway in Knoxville, Tenn., waiting out the bad weather.

After the captain announced that he was going to order pizza for everyone, Chaudry, 26, who works in digital media, decided to live Snapchat the situation. He later downloaded his posts into a video (see above) called "The Real Story of the #DeltaPizzaParty."

Instead of joining in the pizza high-fives for Delta that began streaming on Twitter, Chaudry filmed things such as the arrival of water bottles ("we're pretty excited") and finally the delivery of the pizzas. He helped carry boxes to flight attendants in the front of the plane -- and that's when things got a little hairy.

"You would think that the reward with helping with the pizza would be getting pizza early, and now they just took the pizza away. It's going to go front to back," he laments in the video.

And a little later: "Pizza cart just got called to the front of the plane. I don't think they're going to make it back here. Life lesson learned: If you have a box of pizzas in your hand, grab a slice."

After that, "unrest about the pizza" set in, according to Chaudry's video. And before you think this is just plain silly, consider: When you're on a stranded plane not knowing how soon you'll be on your way, pizza is anything but trivial.

Chaudry went to the front of the plane to negotiate some slices at a "pizza summit" and well, the video pretty much wraps up what happened. As for the flight, CNN reports it arrived in Atlanta about three hours late.

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