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HomeAway vacation rentals coming to Kayak searches

HomeAway partnership with Kayak will allow users to compare the cost of hotels with home rentals

If you're a fan of vacation rentals rather than hotels, here's some good news: Later this year, Kayak searches will include about 200,000 HomeAway listings.

HomeAway listings include apartments, condos, cottages, homes, studios, villas and even yachts. The Kayak partnership means that travelers will be able to compare the cost of hotels side-by-side with the cost of homes or apartments.

HomeAway said in a statement that it hopes to have its listings live on Kayak by the end of the year. The online company is aiming to capture at least some of the estimated 65% of travelers who don't consider a vacation rental when planning their trip.

The listings on Kayak will be similar to hotel listings and send users to the HomeAway website to complete the transaction.

Last year, HomeAway started partnering with Expedia (which operates, Venere, Hotwire and other online travel websites) on its listings. Those listings aren't so apparent; you have to filter on "Accommodation Type" and choose "apartment" or "residence."

Online magazine Skift said Kayak plans to add a vacation rental tab for the listings. It also speculated that Kayak may be interested in buying HomeAway.

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