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World Cup: Where to find the best views in Brazil's soccer cities

Where to find the best views of Brazil's soccer cities? Check out VueVoyage

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins today in Brazil, soccer mania takes center stage. Fans and street vendors have come up with some pre-game craziness that likely will continue through the next four weeks.

Even if you're not going (the photo gallery above shows some of what you're missing), don't miss the breathtaking views of Brazil's soccer cities. VueVoyage is a website dedicated to collecting the best views on the planet and showing people where to find them.

The site has gathered a selection of World Cup views that are must-sees in the 12 cities in Brazil where soccer matches will be held. Click on the photos on the map to "pick" a view to visit -- in real-time or virtually. Each photo offers a map and tip on when to snap the best view.

"My girlfriend and I built the site after realizing that a lot of people our age (millennials) were going places 'for the photo,' mainly to post on social media," co-creator Jon Goodman said in an email.

Some examples: There's a beautiful sunset at Passauna Park in Curitiba ("View tip: Venture out for a kayak ride to maximize your views!") and a climb to the Santuario Mae de Deus in Porto Alegre for panoramic views of the soccer city below ("View tip: Make the trek at dusk or sunset.")

Besides browsing VueVoyage, soccer fans and other travelers can upload their own viewpoints by country, city, state and category such as hotels and parks.

And no one says you can't snap a selfie too.

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