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Holi | The festival of colors

Indians celebrated Holi, the annual celebration of color that marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring. People armed with water balloons, colored water and powder in multiple hues played Holi by smearing one another's faces with different colors.

(Jagadeesh Nv / European Pressphoto Agency)

Faces: Indian revelers are smeared with powdered colors as they celebrate the Holi festival in Bangalore, India.

(Jagadeesh Nv / European Pressphoto Agency)

Clean shake: A child tries to shake colored powder off during Holi festival celebrations in Bangalore, India.

(Rajesh Kumar Singh / Associated Press)

Dance of colors: Revelers dance during Holi celebrations, or the Hindu festival of colors, in Allahabad, India.

(Arun Sankar / AFP/Getty Images)

Digging in: Residents take part in Holi celebrations in Chennai, India.

(Noah Seelam / AFP/Getty Images)

Personal touch: A woman has her face smeared with colored powder during Holi celebrations in Hyderabad, India.

(Anupam Nath / Associated Press)

Bathed in color: Revelers dance during celebrations marking Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, in Gauhati, India.

(Arun Sankar / AFP/Getty Images)

Look out: A man gets a splash of color in Chennai, India.

(A.M. Ahad / Associated Press)

Purple haze: A woman shuts her eyes as colored powder is smeared on her face during celebrations marking Holi in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(Ajit Solanki / Associated Press)

Shower of colors: Hindus celebrate in Ahmadabad, India.

(Rajesh Kumar Singh / Associated Press)

Dancers: A couple dances during Holi celebrations in Allahabad, India.

(Martin Bernetti / AFP/Getty Images)

Cleaning up: Residents get cleaned up after taking part in Holi celebrations in Chennai, India.

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