This is in reference to your article (April 13), “Religion Notes: Cleric Unwavering in His Trust of People.”

What an amazing coincidence! My husband and I also met a “stringy-haired young man” near South Coast Plaza recently, who “had just been evicted, his wife was in a women’s shelter and he was trying to raise the amount of his rent.” Yes, he was still shouting, “Are you a Christian? Praise the Lord!” And he still needed exactly $17.70 to meet his rent. And please give us our address for repayment.

But don’t worry, Rev. Kuntz, he apparently had found a use for your money--for when we drove him to his “landlord’s” (he had to “sell the 10-speed,” he said), we found only a boarded-up house for sale--and a pusher.

Yes, we are to be loving, trusting, helpful. But not gullible. Jesus said we should be “gentle as doves"--but first, “wise as serpents.” And I feel that scams and con games such as this should be pointed out to prevent others who think they are giving to a “good cause” from ending up subsidizing the drug trade in the area.



Santa Ana