Hermosa Beach

Developer Joe Langlois, whose proposed beachfront hotel lost by two votes in a special election last month, will meet with his attorneys Friday to discuss challenging the results in court.

"I feel almost certain that there will be a court review," Langlois said this week. "The feedback right now is that, yes, there is sufficient evidence to go to court."

Peter A. Bagatelos, a San Francisco attorney who represented Langlois last week during a recount of ballots from the special election, said at that time that he would consider challenging three disputed absentee ballots.

Two of those ballots were rejected by City Clerk Kathleen Reviczky because the "yes" votes were marked with a pen. Reviczky said the votes must be punched out of the ballot card. The third ballot, a no vote, was accepted by Reviczky even though a piece of cellophane tape had been attached to the back of it--directly behind the "yes" punch hole.

If a court overrules Reviczky on all three disputed ballots, the proposed hotel would pass by a one-vote margin, although the election itself has also been challenged in court. Opponents of the hotel say the June election was too soon after a special election in December on a similar hotel proposal.

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