Regarding "The Matter of Serra's 'Arc' De Trauma" (by William Wilson, June 30), I object to the spending of government (read: taxpayer) funds on so-called "culture" projects.

I eagerly await the day when I read where Richard Serra has renounced his citizenship and left the country. Good riddance. However, it's sad that there are so many other artistic charlatans around.

The fault is not entirely his, however. The army of pseudo sophistocrats collecting their bloated salaries on my (read: taxpayers') payroll makes me puke. It's so easy (and fun) to spend OPM (read: taxpayers' money). Worse, it's legislated! (1%) What a selling job!

In defense of Serra: He has every right to do his thing. But not at my expense . Let him exhibit in art gallerys, museums or on his own property.


Yorba Linda

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