Car Insurance Headache

"Buying Auto Insurance Is Usually Hit-or-Miss" (For What It's Worth, June 24) should be reproduced every month. I have been shopping around for a satisfactory program for my two cars--for more than a month an all I get is more confused. I have tried the Auto Club, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Cigna, Aetna and others, and everyone seems to compute their programs on a different level. The article is correct in stating that a quote with identical coverage is given from the same insurance company, but a different branch, or broker--is quoted a different price.

One of the big factors I discovered is that if you have a no-fault auto accident, (someone runs into your car) and you dutifully mail the required forms to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you are subject to a higher premium of from 20% to 40% or your cost of new insurance because the DMV report just states that you had an accident.

This is not only unfair, but it forms a legal excuse for your insurance company to raise your rates. I have been frustrated, so far, in trying to find out how to have the DMV records explained or expunged.


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