Mideast Hijacking

The macho rhetoric of David Broder (Editorial Pages, June 30) and others who seek simplistic solutions to air hijackings is like administering a sledgehammer to a headache. Why not seek the origin of the problem--in the present situation--the kidnaped Shias taken at random and held illegally by the Israelis since April, an action cited by our government and condemned by the International Red Cross and others.

If it is impossible to redress a wrong by directly dealign with your enemy, you may pressure your enemy's best friend. As Israel's best friend, we got the flak from Shia desperation and fury over the illegal capture and detention of 766 Shias from Lebanon--and innocent Americans suffer.

Those who are upset by Conrad's June 23 cartoon showing President Reagan shackled to the Star of David need to confront the real source of the problem: Israeli aggression. Further, to help the cause of peace in the Middle East, it would behoove us all to begin to listen to the voices of all Semites, of all faith traditions.


Santa Monica

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