Please print a list of the sacrifices and contributions (if you can find the space) made by cynic Dennis McDougal to mankind more deserving than the Live Aid effort that he denigrated ("Live Aid Feeds the World . . . and the Ego," July 21).

Tell us what causes he's spearheaded worthier than starving Africans--a public relations man who once had polio doesn't cut it.

Please document why Africans, to quote McDougal's unnamed public relations man, "are primitive bozos who have looked at hunger for centuries as if it were as natural as mercy killing." Is this from an upper-class white American perspective?

Until then, McDougal and his cowardly PR friend remain two pathetic people publicly airing their misanthropic ignorance. They imply that they are even better, smarter and more sincere than the people who participated in Live Aid because they can criticize it.

The Times granted space to this negative drivel; let's see a response from McDougal and the name of his brave friend, who makes his living off the very people he bad-mouths.


Santa Monica

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