"Beverly Hills Cop II" just began shooting here and the script by Larry Ferguson has taken some wild turns since Outtakes last reported on versions by Bud Shrake and Dan Jenkins.

The crooked security guard service is out. Now the plot revolves around the brutal Alphabet Bandit (who leaves behind cryptic notes at the scene of shootings and robberies) and a gang of "bad guys" headed by maxi-bad girl Brigitte (Mrs. Stallone) Nielsen.

The script (probably changing even as you read this) opens with Axel in Detroit in a Nino Cerruti suit, Walter Newberger loafers, Jacard Japanese tie and Patek Phillipe watch--driving a fire-engine red Testa Rossa Ferrari.

But when Axel sees a TV report about the shooting of his old Bev Hills "buddy," Capt. Bogomil, he heads West. . . .

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