2,000 Born Near Chernobyl After Disaster Are Healthy

Associated Press

More than 2,000 children born to mothers who lived in the Chernobyl area at the time of the nuclear disaster are healthy, a leading Soviet pediatrician said today.

About 1,500 other children who lived in the Chernobyl region when the power plant spewed a cloud of radiation 16 months ago also were found to be healthy, Dr. Yelena Lukyanova told Tass press agency.

Thirty-one people died as a result of the world's worst nuclear accident on April 26, 1986, and all residents of the region were evacuated. Chernobyl itself remains a ghost town.

Tass, in its second report this year on the medical condition of Chernobyl-area children, said doctors from the Mother and Child Protection Center of the Ukraine found that the medical condition of all the children checked "does not give cause for concern."

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