Airlines Will Set Their Own Baggage Regulations

<i> Friedheim is editor/publisher of Travel Agent magazine. </i>

Question: Will the new airline baggage rules let you carry aboard only one piece or can you still put a bag under the seat and one in the overhead rack?

Answer: Airlines will individually set weight and piece rules. Large planes, which usually can be distinguished by one to three digit flight numbers, probably will allow more weight. Better check before you fly.

Q: Where in the Caribbean is a large barrier reef offering diving and fishing possibilities?

A: The 175-mile barrier reef off the Central American coast of Belize is the largest after Australia’s. Though not fully explored, it has numerous diving and angling facilities.


Q: My travel agent says it’s a criminal offense to give discounts for international flights. Why are such discounts being advertised openly?

A: Rebaters can be fined up to $5,000, but the Department of Transportation won’t prosecute unless it finds that discounting is against the public interest. So far it sees nothing wrong in price shaving.

Q: Do foreign cities have automatic tellers, if I need cash abroad?

A: Various U.S. bank and credit cards can be used at thousands of foreign automatic tellers, some of which dispense local currency, dollars and traveler’s checks. Consult your bank for details.


Q: Do travel accident and health policies cover medical evacuation home?

A: Many policies don’t cover this cost, which can be as high as $50,000. However, several travel health organizations include this item as well as transportation for participating physicians. Consult your agent or broker.

Q: We’re going on a Swiss ski vacation. Does the rail service at the Zurich airport take you to some of the resorts?

A: You can go by train from the airport to all major ski areas, as well as check your equipment and luggage to your destination.

Q: Which art museums are worthwhile visiting during a motor trip down Florida’s east coast?

A: Major art museums in that part of the state are the Jacksonville Art Museum, with one of the nation’s best collections of Oriental ceramics; Norton Gallery, West Palm Beach, characterized as one of the most important small museums in the United States; Vizcaya, Dade County Art Museum and the Miami Art Center, Miami, and the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach.

Q: I’ve heard about a tour that enables you to play a baseball game against major leaguers. Is this available to anyone and what are the details?

A: Like golf resort clinics, baseball tour packages that include instruction, resort facilities and a game against famous players are available during winter and spring. There’s also Boardwalk and Baseball, a theme park in Haines City, Fla., near the Kansas City Royals’ training camp in Fort Myers.