Criticism of Shamir

Raymond Price's blunt criticism of Israel's leadership ("U.S. Support Can't Survive Shamir's Intransigence, Contempt for Palestinians," Op-Ed Page, April 14) is timely and appropriate. Not the pleadings of Secretary of State George Shultz, a critical world press, diminished tourism, nor an outraged domestic opposition has moved Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir an inch toward reasonable compromise on the Palestinian issue.

As a Jew, it was heartening for me to see that The Times poll (Part I, April 12-13) found that most American Jews support the U.S. proposal for international peace talks. Perhaps that will convince our political leaders (and would-be leaders) that the time has come to tell Israel that our unqualified support is no longer assured. Israel's interests are not identical to U.S. interests. As Price suggests, Israeli voters are entitled to know before their elections this year what the cost is for their continued support for Shamir's policies.



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