Planting Trees

Several excellent letters have been printed by The Times on the subject of planting trees--by the millions (Oct. 29). There is no question as to such a need. What is needed even more is effective action.

I suggest that action to plant more trees on otherwise unused land owned by state and federal governments be actively pushed by the federal government and all state governments. That need not cost very much. Prisoners jailed for nonviolent crimes could be used to do most of the work during suitable seasons. Tent camps could be moved to sites. Such prisoners could be given a few extra privileges. That would help jail overcrowding during the summer, and would aid in accomplishing needed jail maintenance work.

The trees planted should be chosen to have optimum economic value when later cut as part of organized forestry. I recall that many years ago Southern California had many miles of eucalyptus trees serving as windbreaks on farm property lines. Could not private owners of land reinstate that practice for the benefit of themselves and the public?


Garden Grove

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