'Politics and the Pill'

The Times is to be commended for its editorial supporting the French government's decision ordering the pharmaceutical firm, Roussel-Uclaf, to resume production and distribution of RU-486, an abortifacient.

Politicians worldwide could learn a lesson in decency from the French Health Minister Claude Evin when he "acted with the interests of public health in mind" and refused to bow to anti-choice groups in having RU-486 removed from the market.

Because of his courage, women in France and around the world will be able to make reproductive choices of their own. They will no longer needlessly die from back-alley abortions or from infections from non-sterile conditions. They will be allowed the dignity of choosing how to handle their reproductive lives, not having it forced upon them.

The French government has shown that intimidation by a small group of individuals will not be tolerated. By standing up to the anti-choice minority in France, the health minister has recognized the dignity of women and saved thousands of lives.


West Hollywood

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