Brothers Aid Elderly Saugus Couple, Donate Mobile Home, Furniture, Rent

The news gets better and better for Frank and Mabel Fisher these days.

The Fishers, an elderly couple from Saugus, were promised a mobile home free of charge last month by the owners of a mobile home dealership who read news accounts of how the Fishers had their utilities cut off for 55 days this summer in a lease dispute with their landlord.

The Fishers, who have been married 63 years, went to court in October to have utility service restored to the trailer, which had been their home since a brush fire destroyed their house two years ago.

On Monday the Fishers were given their new home by brothers Frank and Pat Milan, co-owners of Apple Homes, a mobile home dealership in Canyon Country. In addition to providing the $35,000 mobile home, the Milan brothers have pledged to pay the $275 monthly rent for a mobile home park space.

"That's the biggest surprise of my whole life," Frank Fisher, 83, said of the day the Milans offered him the mobile home. "I'll never get over it."

The Milans also agreed to furnish the mobile home, and the Fishers watched in disbelief Monday as workmen moved in a bed, dresser, chairs, tables and a sofa.

"Look at it, babe," said Frank Fisher as two men carried in a dresser.

"Goodness sakes," said Mabel Fisher, 85. "Will wonders never cease?"

Pat Milan said Douglas Furniture of Newhall was providing the furniture below wholesale prices. Milan said he hoped donations from the public might defray the cost but said he and his brother were prepared to pick up the whole tab if necessary.

Frank Fisher, meanwhile, said his good fortune has given him peace of mind. He recently had pneumonia and is in poor health. "If something happens to me, at least she has a place where she can stay," he said of his wife.

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