Alleged Barry Co-Conspirators Named : Drugs: The 19 friends, girlfriends and business figures are expected to testify next month at the D.C. mayor’s cocaine trial. Eight receive immunity.

From United Press International

A list of 19 alleged co-conspirators in the drug investigation against Mayor Marion Barry includes eight people who told authorities they provided cocaine to Barry, a published report said Sunday.

Friends and girlfriends of Barry, as well as Washington business figures are among the 19 alleged co-conspirators whose names prosecutors turned over to Barry’s attorneys last week, the Washington Post reported.

None of the 19 have been charged with any crime, and most are expected to testify against Barry at his trial, which is scheduled to begin June 4.

Barry is charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine, a misdemeanor, 10 counts of misdemeanor cocaine possession and three counts of lying about drugs.


Prosecutors have granted immunity against prosecution to eight of the 19 who said they provided cocaine to Barry, the newspaper reported.

Among the 19 are advertising executive Jeffrey Mitchell, lawyer Lloyd N. Moore Jr., Atlanta public relations executive Hank Wilson and former Washington government employees Darrell Sabbs and Daniel Butler. Also on the list are former Barry girlfriends Theresa Southerland, Bettye L. Smith, Doris Crenshaw, Maria McCarthy and Rasheeda Moore. Lloyd Moore and Rasheeda Moore are not related.

Mitchell, a longtime friend of Barry, said he would not be able to help the government’s case. Mitchell said he never used cocaine with Barry and never helped him purchase the drug.

Another person on the list, restaurant manager Sammad Arshadi, denied he knew Barry or had talked to law enforcement officials.

Several other people on the list, including Sabbs, Wilson and Butler, have denied knowledge of Barry’s alleged involvement with drugs.