Seal Beach : Clerk Wants Review of Ballot Arguments

City Clerk Joanne M. Yeo filed a petition Friday asking a Superior Court judge to review all ballot arguments and rebuttals for two measures to make sure none of the statements are misleading.

Yeo had filed a petition Thursday asking the court to change a ballot argument against Measure B-91, an advisory, non-binding measure that would list specific recommendations on the development of the Hellman Ranch property.

Yeo said she had some questions on all of the arguments and rebuttals, which were filed Thursday. The election is June 4.

The two rival measures seek to shape the future of the Hellman Ranch property. But Measure B-91 would be applicable only if voters fail to pass Measure A-91, which would clear the way for Mola Development Corp. to proceed with its controversial $200-million plan to build 329 homes.