QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : How to Go With the Dogs on a Trip

Question: On a motor trip we're going to take, we may want to board our dogs for brief intervals along the way. Are such facilities available?

Answer: Before you go on your trip, check the lodgings on your itinerary. Also helpful is "How to Select a Boarding Kennel," which contains a roster of kennels in the United States and Canada, from the American Boarding Kennels Assn., 4575 Galley Road, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80915. (719) 591-1113. Cost is $3.50.

Q: Does Canada refund taxes paid by Americans for purchases and tourist services as is done in Europe?

A: Refunds are given for the GST (Goods and Services) tax and the (PST) Provincial Sales tax. GST refunds cover purchases, portions of hotel charges and package tours that include meals. Amounts rebated by the provinces vary widely. Forms are available at border crossings and airports. For more information, contact the Canadian Consulate General, Tourist Information, 300 S. Grand Ave., 10th Floor, Los Angeles 90071, (213) 687-7432.

Q: What is the Elderhostel travel program and where can I get information about their facilities?

A: It's an international organization offering brief educational courses covering many subjects. Instruction is available, for the mature traveler who seeks an outdoors activity, at camping sites and at educational institutions during the off-season. For a free catalogue, write Elderhostel, 75 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 02110-1941, (617) 426-8056. (check no.)

Q: Is there a London museum devoted to the Duke of Wellington?

A: Apsley House at London's Hyde Park Corner was the Duke's residence and is open to the public. It contains his military trophies, including the sword carried by Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. For more information, contact the British Tourist Authority, 350 S. Figueroa St., Suite 450, Los Angeles 90071, (213) 628-3525.

Q: Will there be any special events in Hawaii commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor?

A: A comprehensive program is scheduled in December. Contact your travel agent for tour packages that include arrangements for attending some of the ceremonies. For more information, contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, 3440 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 502, Los Angels 90010, (213) 385-5301.

Q: We want to buy some clothes during our Hong Kong trip. How can we choose a reliable firm?

A: A free 20-page booklet listing factory outlets for designer clothing, silks and knits is available from the Hong Kong Tourist Assn., 10940 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90024, (213) 208-4582. The association also recommends tailors who provide good service, give good value and who pay attention to complaints.

Q: Are tourists welcome to stay at a Japanese monastery? What are the costs and amenities?

A: Some monasteries offer meals and accommodations at rates from $55 to $60. Accommodations, although comfortable, are Spartan. Visitors are served by monks and are expected to participate in daily prayers and rituals. For more information, contact Japan National Tourist Organization, 624 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles 90017, (213) 623-1952.

Q: Is there a London hotel operated by the British Broadcasting Co.?

A: The BBC isn't in the hotel business, but its former office building on Regent Street has been turned into the Langham Hilton. It was constructed during the Victorian era as a hotel, was bombed and wrecked during World War II and was a broadcasting center until recently.

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