Mere Bill Breeders

Maybe the Los Angeles Times should have titled its Orange County endorsements (May 24) “Orange County Can And Must Have More Liberal Representation.” In calling for change, The Times makes a thinly veiled effort to call for better representation, when in actuality it is just out to promote its liberal views.

The last thing we in Orange County need is a Los Angeles newspaper playing rooting section for local liberals. It shows how far out of touch The Times is with Orange County values when (editors) embrace vacuous liberals like Mary Hornbuckle, Todd Thakar, Rhonda McCune and Judith Ryan.

This is Orange County, not West Hollywood. We like leaders who know the differences between right and wrong, and who have the courage to voice it. We like legislators who vote yes on good bills and, just as importantly, have the guts to vote no on bad legislation, as opposed to the “bill breeders” that typically receive The Times’ endorsement.

Unfortunately, the only thing The Times was able to do was peck at some very old issues while promoting pro-choice candidates. Do those of us in Orange County a favor, Los Angeles Times, and wait for our endorsements on June 2.



Mission Viejo