Editorial Urges Bush: Drop Quayle

Associated Press

The Chicago Tribune urged President Bush to choose another vice presidential running mate in an editorial headlined "Dan Quayle Should Go."

"In 1988, Bush picked a running mate who served his own needs better than the country's," the editorial said. "This time, he needs to do better."

The editorial, appearing in today's editions, said Quayle is "smarter than his public image suggests," but added: "A modestly talented person may make a competent vice president, or even a decent senator--but it takes a lot more to be a capable President. Hardly any American can be comfortable with the thought that Quayle could become President in the beat of a heart.

"After four years, Quayle still is the object of national ridicule he became as soon as he was named to the 1988 ticket."

The editorial was accompanied by a cartoon showing a strained Bush carrying Quayle and saying, "No, I'll be carrying him to term."

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