Immigration Legislation

In response to "Sacramento Struggles in the Immigration-Issue Thicket," editorial, May 17:

Your editorial regarding pending Sacramento legislation to deal with illegal immigrants, wherein you decry any attempts by our lawmakers to bring the immigrant onslaught under control, is absolutely irresponsible. I am extremely upset by your position on this matter.

The legal citizens of California are being misled by one of the largest and most respected newspapers in the U.S., when it uses its editorial pages to express the notion that illegal immigrants do not have a negative impact on our state. You say that these illegal immigrants "benefit California's economy through low-wage, highly productive labor." Don't you realize that this is not the 1890s? That period brought this country cheap immigrant labor to run our factories and build the wealth of this nation. We are in the 1990s. We now see millions of poor, sick, unskilled, uneducated, and I might add, unwanted illegal immigrants coming into our country, who add nothing to our social fiber.


Fountain Valley

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