LA MIRADA : Planned Hospital Would Offer Long-Term Care

A Dallas-based company has announced plans to open a hospital that will provide long-term acute care at the former site of the Medical Center of La Mirada, which closed in 1992.

Specialty Hospitals of America Inc., the new owner, will accept patients that have undergone initial treatment at other hospitals and need an additional 60 to 90 days of care.

Ty L. Richardson, Specialty president, said he will open the center at 14900 E. Imperial Highway if it passes a county health inspection in mid-April. The center, Specialty Hospital of Southern California, will at first operate 24 beds with a staff of 30, Richardson said.

Specialty purchased the former Medical Center of La Mirada from a holding company in October, 1994. The center was the city's only hospital when it went out of business.

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