Shaw Says Sides Still Far Apart, but NFL Owners to Meet April 12

Differences between the NFL and the Rams remain significant, team President John Shaw said, but Commissioner Paul Tagliabue on Wednesday notified league owners they are to meet in Dallas on April 12 to deal with the proposed move to St. Louis.

"I think the commissioner wants to revisit the issue," Shaw said. "It does not necessarily mean there will be a re-vote."

In fact, Shaw said, the two sides remain far apart in philosophy.

"The league feels there are large financial issues here," Shaw said. "We don't think there are."

Shaw met with Tagliabue in Los Angeles during the past few days, but said he now doubts a financial settlement can be reached before the meeting of the owners.

"I wouldn't expect that," Shaw said.

NFL owners rejected the Rams' proposed move in Phoenix earlier this month, 21-3, with six abstentions.

"Even if a move was voted in," Shaw said, "I don't think we would ever agree on certain financial issues."

Tagliabue also met with Raider owner Al Davis during his visit here, and there is a possibility the April 12 meeting will also deal with the Raiders' stadium situation.

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