Council Rejects Raising Managers’ Pay Range

A City Council majority this week rejected a proposal to increase the salary range of four managerial posts, saying the change could result in pay increases.

“I have voted against every pay raise that has come forth,” Councilman Bob Zemel said, joining colleagues Lou Lopez and Tom Tait in voting against the proposal. Zemel said he wants any extra city money to “go into public safety.”

The change would have affected the salary range for the city attorney and the managers of public information, fleet and facility, and streets and sanitation.

City staff members had recommended the changes, citing increased responsibilities and other duties for the managers.


The proposal also included creating 22 new job classifications to better reflect the duties employees are performing. The total proposal would have cost $87,900 for the classification and compensation changes.

The council also rejected increasing a monthly auto allowance from $475 to $500 for 17 executive managers and council members.