Lounge Wear

Whether you’re basking poolside, yard side or patio side, Ethan Allen’s home and garden collection can extend the options with four new styles.

For a romantic at heart, the Trellis line (from about $230 for a lounge chair to about $1,070 for a chaise-longue) fits. Inspired by a French gardening technique known as espailier, Trellis’ gracefully ascending vines and rich detail in cast aluminum could have daydreamers weaving more than one romantic novel.

The contemporary attitude of Spa (from about $900 for a lounge chair to about $1,540 for a chaise) makes any outdoor function a grand event. A coming together of line and curve, Spa’s mix of teak and silvery cast aluminum looks stunning.

Atrium (from about $570 for a lounge chair to about $1,070 for a chaise longue) lends a touch of elegance to any setting with its Neoclassic lines. Handwoven aluminum details give the line an artisan quality reminiscent of past architecture.


Metro (from about $560 for a lounge chair to about $900 for a chaise) gets its look from geometry. The arcs, circles and parallels make for urban sophistication with panache.

A number of finishes are available in each line, along with complementing cushions and umbrellas.

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Hook It Up


Hangers can be a bother to handle, especially when you have to hold on to a bunch at a time. The Hanger Handler, a new multi-functional tool, is designed to make the job easier and more comfortable.

Each handler (about $8) can hold up to 30 hangers and sustain about 50 pounds, making it a snap to transport clothes from the cleaners to the car to the closet.

The handler is the invention of husband and wife Andrew and Mona Bostwick, frequent business travelers. The Houston couple came up with the idea after numerous trips down long hotel halls carrying a week’s worth of clothes and feeling their hands go numb.

The handler, made of ABS plastic, has two overlapping components, sonic-welded for strength. The hanger port is easily loaded and unloaded by sliding the handler over hanger hooks.


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A Steely Front

Bosch’s new super quiet dishwasher has got the look. Of stainless steel, that is.

The newest neutral for kitchen appliances isn’t only for contemporary rooms. It works well with traditional decors, such as classic cherry-wood cabinetry (pictured).


Bosch’s dishwasher (about $1,000) has a large capacity, and the controls are along the top of the door, so they disappear when the machine is closed.

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