School Board Announces Administrator Lineup

The school board has approved an organizational restructuring that gives more top administrators direct responsibility for schools.

The system, approved Tuesday night, creates five assistant superintendent positions and promotes Marietta Palmer, assistant superintendent for personnel, to deputy superintendent, Pasadena school district officials said.

She will replace David Banis as the district's second-ranking official. He will become "coordinator and schools liaison," overseeing the implementation of improvements from the recently approved $240-million school bond issue.

Under the new system, the district's 32 principals will no longer report to Supt. Vera Vignes but rather to one of three assistant superintendents of schools.

Director of secondary instruction Kathy Lesley, director of elementary instruction Pamela Powell and Madison Elementary Principal Gloria Delaney will fill those three positions.

In addition, Vignes will add a new administrator, Christine Johns, as assistant superintendent of instruction to oversee curriculum and special programs. Steve Cary will continue as superintendent of business services.

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