Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What is a pronoun? A very professional noun! (OrOrlaine Lee, 11, South Pasadena, South Pasadena Middle School)

* What did the rug say to the vacuum cleaner? "Eat my dust!" (Joseph Lazo, 9, South Gate, Bryson Elementary School)

* What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? You get a sweater with very big pockets. (Adam Godoi, 5, Buena Park, Gordon Beatty Elementary)

* What is a worm's favorite city? The Big Apple. (Julie Rothman, 7, Oak Park, Brookside Elementary)

* How do you find King Arthur in the dark? With a knight light. (Chava Aliza Macales, 10, Northridge, Andasol Avenue Elementary)

* Why did the boy eat while he was playing on the seesaw? He wanted a balanced meal! (Jeremy Evan Katz, 8, La Canada, La Canada Elementary)

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