Inside the Stars' Homes

Menacing ivy-covered gates are all we normally see of celebrity homes. But on July 15, American Movie Classics will take viewers inside the residences of some of Hollywood's greatest legends.

"Hollywood's Legendary Homes" spotlights Buster Keaton's Italian Villa and Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace (both in Beverly Hills), as well as Bing Crosby's home in Toluca Lake. Other homes that will be featured include Lita Grey Chaplin's Monterey Revival residence, which was built from the proceeds of her divorce from Charlie Chaplin, and the home of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth in Laurel Canyon.

The show also will visit some of Hollywood's most famed apartment buildings, such as the Ravenswood, the El Royale and the Montecito, that were home to many screen legends, including Mae West, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and Howard Hughes.

The one-hour special explores the homes' histories and their builders. Viewers will be taken on a tour that includes details about architectural design and some of the unique features that remain today. Interspersed will be film clips and interviews with the homes' current owners.

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