Nixon’s Anti-Semitism in Perspective?

Re “Watergate Revisited With More Than the Expletives Deleted,” Parsons column, June 16, 2002:

It must have been while wearing a red clown nose and big floppy shoes that Nixon apologist, I mean the executive director of the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, put the Watergate scandal “in context.”

John Taylor hilariously asserts that the break-in, cover-up and the firing of a special prosecutor were the result of President Nixon trying to end the Vietnam War. Then, as if firing a verbal seltzer at us, Taylor says something about the president not being able to fight a war “if his government can’t keep secrets.”

I’m dying to hear Taylor put Nixon’s self-recorded anti-Semitism “in perspective.” There’s a cancer on American history, and it resides at the Nixon library.


David Perez