Bad Laws Should Be Changed, Not Ignored

Re "Many of Our Laws Deserve to Be Nullified," Dec. 22:

So Martin Mulvihill allows his dog to run loose, albeit in a wilderness park, and defecate in an area that won't be seen and has the audacity to think this is petty nonsense. He is probably one of those people who walk their dog, admittedly without a leash, and thinks it's "innocuous" if the animal defecates in the neighbor's bushes or lawns. It is unfortunate when laws or ordinances have to be made because of people like this.

Speeding? I have had speeding tickets and don't like it when I get caught, but we know the consequences of not obeying laws. Speed limits were not set by the police, but by engineers and planners who study the different roads for land use, frequency of accidents and such. The police merely enforce those laws.

Fortunately we are a nation of laws and I agree some of them seem innocuous, but we the people have choices. We can petition for law/ordinance/association rules to be changed. Meanwhile, Mr. Mulvihill, please keep your dog in Huntington Beach. We need to be safe from you!

R. Franks


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