Feeling a Bit Goofy for Paying to Stand in 3-Hour Disneyland Lines

Re "Disney Continues Aggressive Pricing, Raises Admission at Southland Parks," Jan. 7:

I was one of the record 108,000 customers at Disneyland and California Adventure on Dec. 27, and today I read with disgust that "Mickey Mouse wants a bigger allowance."

There is something wrong when the Happiest Place on Earth allows more people into its gates than it can possibly handle.

I certainly didn't go to Disneyland on the Friday after Christmas expecting small crowds, but also never imagined three-hour lines, 20-minute waits to use the restrooms and foot traffic akin to rush hour on the 405 Freeway.

As a local business owner, I can appreciate Disney's goal of making a buck where it can, but it crosses the line when the pursuit of the almighty Disney Dollar overshadows the basic understanding that the average family deserves far more in return for its money than was offered on that historic day.

Will I take my family to Disneyland again? Of course! That's what they bank on -- continued record attendances despite aggressive pricing and ridiculously unrealistic capacity policies.

Who's the "Goofy" one? Me, I guess.

Linda Peterson

Modjeska Canyon

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